Bootleggerybloggery – A golden stream of seven (7) of my favourite mashups

Okay, it’s not a stream.  Titles are harder than they look.  I have listened to some good mashups and put them in a list with a number of the things in the title, because people like to know how many things they are going to read before they read them.

    Shut up on a blue monday

  1. ComaR – Shut up on a blue monday
    Rihanna vs. New Order
    One of those mashups that’s just unescapably right when you hear it, and also has been making me dance like a great big gay for some time now.  The better the mashup, the more humiliation it subjects you to.  That is the rule.
  2. I kissed the nobodies

  3. Yold – I kissed the nobodies
    Katy Perry vs Marilyn Manson
    I’ve got a slightly guilty love of both these artists, so this makes me very happy. You might have to engage brain to find it though, because hotlinking is naughty.  Worth listening to some of Yold’s other tracks while you’re there though, he/she/it is a very talented man/woman/robot, even if this does go on for ever so slightly too long.
  4. This town

  5. This Town – DJ Le Clown
    Blues Brothers vs Sparks
    It’s hard to see how a coupling like the Blues Brothers and Sparks could go wrong.  Admittedly a little more Sparks in the mix would be nice, but then I’m not the Clown, now, am I?  For optimum enjoyment, listen whilst fleeing from several hundred police cars.
  6. Busy Fuckin in the Bushes

  7. Busy Fuckin’ in the Bushes – DJ Schmolli
    Oasis vs Sean Paul vs Fergie vs House of Pain vs Faith no More vs Kelly Clarkson vs Jay – Z
    Oh come on. This one gets in based on pure volume of artists used, with bonus marks for Fuckin’ in the Bushes. It doesn’t even sound as cramped as some mashups using two or three songs. Hats off, Schmolli, whatever the fuck your name means.
  8. Psyche Encore

  9. Psyche Encore – ComaR
    Psyché Rock (Fatboy Slim Remix) vs Encore
    I’ve never heard of Psyché Rock before, and I’d be prepared to put it down to ComaR being a French man who is French, except it’s a Fatboy Slim mix of a 1964 track so I’m not narrowly horizoned, I’m just badly informed. And it is in fact big in England, since it’s almost exactly the Futurama theme song. Do you like Futurama? Do you like Jay-Z? You’d better.
  10. Guns Up Your Life – PingPong
    Guns Up Your LifeGuns n Roses vs Lisa Stansfield vs Pussycat Dolls
    See, this is why I love mashups like I love ham salad sandwiches. Lisa Stansfield is the food group that I would never eat unless it was combined with other, more palatable foods. Admittedly, vegetables are food you need to live, and Lisa Stansfield is almost the diametric opposite of that, but nevertheless. She goes well with hammy, hammy Guns n Roses.
  11. prodigy_cover_outnow__400x400Thunderstruck Thunder – PingPong
    Prodigy vs ACDC
    Since I’ve not heard heard the Thunder track on the Prodigy’s new album (and Spotify fails pretty hard on certain artists), I can’t vouch for how much of the thickly-spread acid bass funk on this mashup is down to PingPong’s considerable talents. I can tell you though that it’s very very good, and anyone familiar with Invaders must Die should know that Thunderstruck Thunder beats the shit out of it and steals its lunch money for drugs.

Honourable mention:

The Ghost That Feeds
Nine Inch Nails vs Ray Parker Jr.
The best mashup of either The Hand that Feeds or Ghostbusters I’ve ever heard. Unfortunately vanished from where I got it from, you can allegedly still download it from the NIN remix page, linked from Nathan Chase’s blog. God bless you, Reznor.