Gentlemen’s footwear – what everyone’s hurling this winter in Iraq

About time I jumped on the bandwagon and wrote about what everyone else did about three days; shoes.  Cutting.  Edge.

If anyone missed it, the outgoing president of america recieved two leaving presents from an Iraqui journalist in a press conference.  His shoes.  At speed.

This should probably be an AVI, but it's just nice to see it looping.

This should probably be an AVI, but it's just nice to see it looping.

Although accounts vary as to the actual course of events:


…although this might be an example of american news dumbing down content.  (It’s not, unless Jen from works for CNN.)

The White House Publicist Massive has been emphatic to say that it would be a mistake to take one disgruntled reporter’s footwear as representative of the whole country’s feeling.  Also note, although Bush has publically stated he was never, never scared and doesn’t want to press charges, they’ve certainly not been putting enough effort into getting the reporter released to avoid him getting the gruntle kicked further out of him by guards whilst in custody.  Protests have grown both in Iraq and America at his detainment and subsequent prosecution, and I hear, brilliantly, that piles of shoes are growing on the White House lawn.  For anyone who’s not within chucking distance, I expect they’re accepting postal contributions.

It’s not the first time shoes featured in the war on terrOr.  In fact, the Iraquis seem to be obsessed with them.  Remember when Saddam was toppled, a video was shown of dozens of people whacking his statue with the soles of their shoes.  This was cited as proof that all the iraqui people wanted Saddam out, since it was okay to assume they were representative of the whole population because….erm.

Not to mention the attempted shoe bomber who was caught in late 2001 sneaking through an airport with a bomb in his shoe – which, since it failed, was instantly reclassified from “escaped tragedy” to “bloody hilarious”.  I can only guess that this was an attempt to slap hundreds of people at once with the sole of his shoe.  And a burning aeroplane.